Instituto Brasil Solidário
Instituto Brasil Solidário
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Our team

We count on a team of professionals from various areas, all of which are integrated. The same happens with their location: nowadays, one who once received our benefits in a needy city can also aggregate new learning and vision to our work. This way, we gather different people, accents, experiences and disciplines to build our caravan of good-deed-doing in pure harmony. By putting all this diversity together, we create a whole new range of projects, which grow and perfect every year, thanks to our collaborators and to the adjustment to each reality we work on.

We are experts in bringing Brazil back to Brazilians, as well as turning possibilities into great potentials, showing ways and building long-term results through comprehension, local vision, commitment and seriousness.

If you carry this essence within and believe you can aggregate new ideas and perspectives, join us.

Register here and we will make contact as soon as possible.

Advisory Board:
Luis Eduardo Cardoso de Almeida Salvatore
Fernando Vieira Barbosa Laudares Pereira
Danielle Haydée Andrade Peres de Oliveira
Erik Chiaradia Guedes
Wolber Sontak de Campos

Audit Board:
Ana Elisa Cardoso de Almeida Salvatore
Diogo Salles Amaral

Public Interest Organization (OSCIP), process MJ 08071.002149/2005-14, published on December 16th 2005.

Administrative Office: Av. Jorge João Saad, 241 - 1° andar - Morumbi - São Paulo - 05618-000 - Tel. 55 (11) 3791-0015
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